Construction Heat Insulation

A comfortable life for human beings may be possible in settings with a temperature of 20-22°C and 50 % relative humidity. In winter months, the external environment temperatures range quite below 20°C while in summer months temperatures are above 20°C.

Heat is a type of energy and as per the second law of thermodynamics heat is transferred from high temperature to low temperature. Therefore, in winter, there are energy losses and in summer there are undesired energy gains.

In order to ensure heat insulation in buildings, thermal insulation should be done in;

  • External walls,
  • Glass and Woodwork,
  • Roof and floor coverings,
  • Installation pipes,
  • Ventilation ducts,
  • Steam transfer pipes,
  • Sections contacting land,
  • Sections separating floors,
  • Walls facing not heated areas as garage or storage.
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In order to ensure the desired comfort setting in the building, it is required that the heat lost should be compensated with a heating system in winter and the heat gained should be removed from indoors with a cooling system in summer. Energy is consumed both for heating and for cooling. Limiting the losses and gains in a structure means reducing the amount of energy for cooling and heating purposes and only with a good INSULATION an efficient use can be provided.

The process made for limiting heat losses and gains in buildings is called “thermal insulation”. Technically, thermal insulation is performed in order to reduce the heat transfer between two settings with different temperatures.

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The same level of comfort can be ensured by using 25 – 50 % less fuel when buildings are insulated properly. Basic sections like doors, windows, walls and roof, which separates the inner part of the building from the outer environment, ensure that the building is kept cool in summer and warm in summer. Several methods and materials are used throughout the world for ensuring a better building insulation. Recent regulations, standards and legislation in our country with regards to thermal insulation have made heat insulation obligatory. Tolypack Foam insulation panel is an ideal product that can be used in roof, wall, floor coverings and in different special practices.